Wednesday, July 3, 2013

转载 zt: 2013年克利夫·罗伯森哨兵奖获奖演讲(方舟子)

zt:  老方还是很会讲话的。







Acceptance Speech of 2013 Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award

  I am very grateful and honored to receive this award. Last month a 
Chinese TV channel had a coverage of my activity. Its title was "a 
one-man war against fraud". That's because in China we don't have an 
organization like ACFE, and I have to fight fraud individually. But 
this description is not very accurate. I do have many supporters, 
particularly, my wife. She is here today. Without her love and support, 
I wouldn't be able to carry on this fight for so long. When I started 
it 13 years ago, I never expected it would last for so long. This 
happened in 2000 when the Internet was booming in China, and many 
Chinese newspapers and magazines were online. I could easily get 
information from China when I was living in California. I was 
surprised to see that pseudoscience, fraud, misconduct, and corruption 
were so widely spread in Chinese scientific community and health 
industry, and no independent critical voices could be heard, so I 
decided to do something about it. I set up a Web site, and eventually 
it became a flagship against fraud among Chinese academics. We 
reported about 100 cases every year, but that's just the tip of an 
iceberg. I do this work voluntarily. I am a science writer. I earn my 
living by writing books, not by debunking fraud. Nobody pays me to do 
it. But somebody did pay trying to stop me. I have faced many threats, 
law suits, even an attempted murder. In an afternoon of August 2010, 
in Beijing, I was assaulted by two hit men, using pepper spray, hammer 
and iron bar as weapons. They were hired by a surgeon because I 
exposed his malpractice that had harmed more than one thousand children. 
I narrowly escaped the assault with minor injuries because the pepper 
spray they used was ineffective. So my life was luckily saved by a 
fraudulent product. Later the surgeon was caught by police and his 
surgical operation was banned by Ministry of Health of Chia, but he 
was only sentenced for five and half months. Now he is out of prison, 
reopens his clinic, continues to do his banned surgical operation, and 
threaten me. I am not scared and won't be stopped. I was forced to 
become a fighter, and since the fight has started, I have to keep it 
going until the situation is somehow improved, otherwise my efforts 
will be wasted. But I don't expect the situation will have a dramatic 
improvement soon. In a country without democracy, rule of law and 
freedom of speech, anti-fraud campaign is much more difficult than you 
can imagine, and international support is precious. I deeply 
appreciate your recognition. Thank you again for this honor.



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